Welcome to Capt. Jim's Crabs!

Middle River, MD 21220
Phone #: 410-335-2221

Here we catch our own Chesapeake Bay blue crabs! Jim Dimick is finally able to offer his 30 year career as a watermen catching Maryland's finest seafood, to you! This allows us to provide you with the best quality and prices for Marylands' favorite seafood. Fresh off the boat and into your hands. Here at Capt. Jim's Crabs we are a family owned and operated business that will provide you with the best customer service. Come on in and try some of the best live or steamed crabs you will ever eat!

Hours Of Operation:                                       CLOSED
Sunday:       Closed                                       
Monday:       Closed            CAPT.JIM'S CRABS  NO LONGER HAS ANYTHING
Tuesday:      Closed                   TO DO WITH LONGBEACH RESTURAUNT
Wednesday: Closed                                               
Thursday:     Closed                               WE ARE RELOCATING TO                 
Friday:          Closed                       102 CARROLL ISLAND RD.
Saturday:      Closed                  PLANNED OPENING 05/08/2015
                                                         THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT